November 6th, 2008

We just received new work by Fran Nicholson– you can see her adorable, sculpture portraits of dogs can be seen in our Artists section. Her whimsical pieces are lighthearted and bring a smile to our gallery guests. One of her “Bobbles” went home with a collector within two hours of its arrival!

Fran Nicholson, “News Travels Fast,” Bronze edition of 25

Bronze sculpture, and especially sculpture in editions, call for careful consideration before purchasing. In this Internet-friendly generation we see troubling issues of copyright infringement and outright copying and counterfeiting of bronze work. Jane Dedecker and Gary Price are two of the most well known artists whose work has been copied thousands of times over and cast in mixed metals and other substances “posing” as bronze.

As a collector, there are many things that you can do to safeguard yourself from purchasing a counterfeit piece. Below I have listed a few guidelines, but if you ever question a piece of art, always speak with a reputable dealer before purchasing. Give me a call!

Guidelines to avoid counterfeit sculpture

  • Make sure the piece is signed with the artist’s name, the date of the creation, and the edition number.
  • Ask the seller about the biography of the artist and other works by the artist. Where are they from?
  • Get a fine art evaluation for each piece that you purchase, and certificate of authenticity if available.
  • Watch out for: antique stores, liquidation stores, bulk “big box” stores, and garden centers for fakes.

If you are an artists wishing to protect your work, here is a helpful hint:

Register each of your original designs with the US Copyright Office. It’s only $45 per piece, or per series. You will fill out a two page form, which you can down load at the copyright office web site. They will also need a few photos of the work.

The direct link to the Visual Arts registration form is:

Three dimensional works add a unique perspective to you home and variety to your art collection. The art of casting and foundry work is an incredible process. I am happy to describe the many-leveled process to any collector, anytime. Stop by the gallery for your own personal tutorial.