November 22nd, 2008

Ginger Bowen “Waiting for the World to Change” Oil on Board, 20″ x 24″

This December, the Master Signature and Signature Member’s Show and Competition Exhibition will feature the work of Ginger Bowen, Gallery MAR artist, in California. This is an annual exhibition, inaugurated in 1990. Bowen’s piece “Waiting for the World to Change” is sure to be a favorite.

I visited with Ginger Bowen this past weekend in Arizona and was invited to tour her “studio.” Truth be told, it’s not a “studio,” but rather an immaculately kept painting lounge, mini-gallery, found-item/EBay museum, office, and crafts room, all enjoying gorgeous northerly light. Her collection of toys, memorabilia, antiques, and statues from which she paints is truly incredible. With great ease, Bowen can walk into this room of these keepsakes, pick up a few fun and whimsical elements, and draw connections between the pieces in her titles as she works. It’s easy to see, Bowen doesn’t take herself too seriously and truly enjoys the entire painting process, from setting up her still life (she works only from life, and meticulously assembles her compositions), to her daily time painting in the studio. The results are incredible. We will feature an exhibition of Ginger Bowen’s work, alongside Fred Calleri, this February at Gallery MAR.

Ginger Bowen “Heavy Metal on the Edge” Oil on Board, 10″ x 29.5″

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