October 4th, 2008

Need a little extra jolt? We all do, some of us daily… or twice daily… or five times daily… you know who you are! Gallery MAR presents its private blend of coffee, Cafe MAR. Bargreen’s Coffee brings us both a dark and medium roast, roasted in the original, first commercial roaster in Washington state. A little history:

Bargreen Coffee Company, one of the oldest and finest coffee firms, was founded in 1898 by Sam Bargreen. He learned the coffee business from his uncle in Chicago, Illinois and during this time of apprenticeship, he lived for a time in Guatemala. Sam moved to the Seattle area over 110 years ago, at which time he was a partner in a commercial importing company where he became a “roaster”. In time he acquired the Imperial Tea Company as his one-third of the original partnership in the year of 1898.

During the years of building the company and being the “buyer”, Sam Bargreen had the opportunity to again visit in Latin America for a time and thus learned to use “Brazilians”, “Colombians” and “Centrals” for his coffee blends. Each was roasted separately and then hand blended in the “Jabez” blender — which is currently on display at the Bargreen Coffee Company Museum, located at 2817 Rucker, Everett, Washington. 

The company has been handed down from father to son over the years, as have been the recipes and traditions. Along the way, however, progress warrants new recipes and traditions have been incorporated along with the old ones. The company had been able to maintain its “small company feeling” and still puts the customer at No. 1 today and always. Bargreen Coffee has been here many years and will continue to serve the customers of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with the same great service, product and customer-need awareness.

Collectors and friends of the gallery are invited to try this special blend. Stop by the gallery for your own taste and visit Bargreen Coffee’s website to learn more.