July 14th, 2008

Since our opening nearly 6 weeks ago, we have added to our exhibiting artists list. Five new artists from all of the country have joined us.

Allow me to make the introduction…

Debbie Fowler grew up in Idaho and began her painting career 15 years ago. She has painted professionally and exhibited in galleries since 1997, and has studied and worked with renowned Utah artists such as Ovanis Berberian, Larry Wade, George Allen, Ann Marie Oborn, and Diane Turner. Her lush and vibrant floral scenes and landscapes showcase the best views in the west.

Allan Mardon lives in Arizona, and is inspired by the graphic beauty and history of his new surroundings. After moving here from Canada, he began to approach his canvas in an entirely different way, embarking upon a series of paintings with Native American themes. Employing a primitive and narrative style, these works depict in historic detail the artifacts and beauty of indigenous cultures of bygone times. Mardon’s paintings can be found in galleries and museums throughout the country as well as extensive public, corporate and private collections in the United States and abroad.

Fran Nicholson is our new sculptor from New Mexico. Her current body of work is all about dogs doing what they do best – living in the moment, unselfconsciously, and at peace being themselves. These virtues, which come so naturally to dogs, are often life-long goals for their human companions. Luckily for us, dogs are brilliant teachers. Nicholson says, “My second series consists of bronze dogs in relation to cubes, like the props used in formal photo shoots. True to their nature, these dogs would rather skip the formal poses and just climb down. Maybe roll over for a belly rub, or sit and scratch an itchy spot. So they do, and so I sculpt them.”

Jan Perkins graduated with a degree in painting and illustration from Utah State University in 1985. Since then Jan has worked as an illustrator and more recently as a landscape and wildlife artist. She has a vast interest in life and this is reflected in her variety of created work. She has painted Greek ceiling paintings, award winning portraits of musicians in the Utah Symphony, children’s portraits, landscapes for Utah ski resorts, fashion illustration, and paintings of show and race horses. She is currently exploring and expressing as much as possible the heart and soul within via the beauty of wild lands, nature, and light. Her work is influenced by James Reynolds, Dan McCaw, Putt, Sargent, Levitan, Phillip Goodwin, Sorolla and Vouillard.

Mary Scrimgeour began painting full time in 1990. Her worldwide travels continue to enhance and nourish her work. Mary interprets the world by painting what she sees and feels. Her love of children, a sense of humor, and a compassion for people are some of the emotions she blends with her vision. She majored in fine arts at the University of Colorado and has taken numerous classes with prominent Colorado artists. For many years Mary worked as an art director for several national magazines; during this time she continued her artwork independently. In 1985 she designed her own line of women’s clothing for her designer clothing store in Boulder, Colorado.