July 6th, 2008

Gallery MAR just received this email from Brad Stroman, our Pennsylvania artist and environmentalist:

“Often after an exhibition or show at a gallery or other venue I make an effort to donate to a worthy local environmental cause. After receiving your wonderful email about the sale of three of my paintings in one day at Gallery MAR, I would like to do the same there in Park City.

Would you kindly present a gift of $100 to the Swaner Nature Preserve in Park City in my name? http://www.swanerecocenter.org/primarypages/aboutsnpmain.html. I don’t do this with every show, but I feel I want to do this at this time. Thank you.”

Of course, Gallery MAR will match that gift in kind. After such a successful Grand Opening Weekend, it’s wonderful to pass the energy on… when was the last time you donated to an environmental cause?