June 8th, 2008

Gallery MAR artist Ryan Brown has been living in Florence, Italy for the past year finalizing his plans for a new venture: Painting in Florence, a fine art school. This is an incredible opportunity for artists, professionals and amateurs alike who dream of painting alongside skilled instructors in Tuscany for two-week sessions this September and October.

The painting above, “Tuscan Hills,” is one of Brown’s pieces here at Gallery MAR and was painted on site in Tuscany.

Brown’s website, www.paintinginflorence.com, describes the experience as, “An incredible 11 day painting escape to some of the most beautiful cities in the heart of Tuscany. Exclusive class sizes will allow ample time for students to ask questions, have daily one on one critiques and see multiple demonstrations. Each of the teachers knowledge and experience with the region will also allow students the opportunity for a more intimate view of Italian culture and its history. So, whether your an experienced painter or a beginning student, or even a painters companion, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to see, learn about and experience the historical beauty of Italy in a way you will treasure forever!”

During my college years, I was able to study painting in Florence through the SACI program and Pepperdine University. Studying Art in the birthplace of the renaissance was a life experience like no other and I encourage you to contact Ryan Brown and his colleagues if you are interested. Ahh, to be in Italy again…