June 18th, 2008

We’re making the leap to “Go Green” at Gallery MAR. From day one this has been of utmost importance to me. With the help of local environmentally-friendly consultants Alex Lofft and Katherine Noble (supporter and guest-host of KPCW’s This Green Earth, respectively) I’ve educated myself about how to make the least possible environmental impact here at the gallery.

Through the power of wind we are lighting the artwork and running the computer. Rocky Mountain Power offers the service to buy into blocks of wind power, AKA Green Energy, and now all of our usage is brought to us by the Blue Sky program: http://www.rockymtnpower.net/Article/Article81246.html

We Recycle and Reuse all materials possible in the gallery and use re-chargeable batteries and recycled paper for our artist biographies and collector correspondence.

We clean with non-toxic products for better air quality and safety.

I walk to work. Okay, not on the really nasty days, but through most of the summer.

The internet and email the best paperless way of communicating with collectors. More trees to shade us all! Do your part and sign up for our email newsletter NEWS MAR by entering your email address on this page: https://blog.gallerymar.com/contact/.

Any more ideas? Leave your comments and suggestions.