May 5th, 2020

By Veronica Vale

While we’ve been glad to do our part to keep your friends and family safte, we are thrilled to finally be open again and are ready to once again welcome you, our lovely visitors, to our gallery. For those who may not feel comfortable scrolling down Main Street quite yet, we still have a few exciting ways that we can continue to offer you access to our services and our artists’ beautiful new work. So if you’re looking for that stunning new piece to complete your home or simply looking for ways to support local artists, we at Gallery MAR are happy to deliver:


Private Gallery Tour

Our Fine Art Consultants are here in the gallery every day, continuing to serve our artists and collectors. If you feel less than comfortable strolling through the gallery in proximity to others, please let us know and we’ll be happy to offer you a private tour anytime. Simply call the gallery at 435-649-3001 or shoot us an email at and we’ll close the gallery just for you and your party.

Personal Artwork Visit

For our local collectors, if there’s a piece you’ve been dying to see, we can deliver art right to your home to try out. If you love it, our experienced and qualified consultants can even install the work for you right then and there. Voila!

Photoshop Magic

For our not-so-local collectors, or our collectors who aren’t sure where to begin on their art-buying venture, we can offer our Photoshop service. Simply send us a photo of the space you’re considering along with measurements of that space, and we’ll create a few digital renderings with our recommendations of fresh new art.

Virtual Exhibition Tour

Take a tour of our latest exhibition from the comfort of your own home. As our gallery owner, Maren Mullin, writes: “R. Nelson Parrish delighted us with our final winter artist reception, and brought three his new Flitch sculptures, and an incredible wall works selection to the gallery. The two-person show with abstract painter and layering virtuoso Nina Tichava,  is aptly entitled “Brilliant Refraction” and is currently up. We are happy to share FaceTime tours and detailed photos of the artwork for your own virtual tour.”


We look forward to seeing you in person again soon, but until then, we hope you and your family stay safe and healthy. In the meantime, let us know if we can help make your home a little brighter with some fresh, bold art.


Curious what our artists have been up to during COVID-19? Sneak a peak into a few of our artists’ lives below:


Bridgette Meinhold: “For the most part, my day to day is business as usual, and I am still in the studio every day painting my encaustics and outside playing in the snow. Every year I do a 100 day project, which I decided to start early and this year is to draw for 100 days in a row. So each day I am meditating and drawing first thing in the morning. It’s a really nice start to the day and gives me something to look forward to when I go to sleep.” 



Sarah Winkler : “Realizing that life can change in an instant, I’ve been working  this week with the memory of meaningful places and moments shared with my loved ones in the landscape. I’ve been digitally altering photographs of our special places and creating ethereal, ephemeral, effervescent compositions with them which I’m developing into paintings. It’s a contemplative response to current times, loss of loved ones and the passage of time.”



Cristall Harper : “It’s business as usual over here. Studio life is pretty much the same as quarantine life. Working on my Carmel show.”

“I have plenty of paint. This is a normal supply amount for me. One drawer is oils, the other drawer is acrylics.”

“Then this is my work area. The rock is from a beach in Monterey, CA. I think Asilomar beach. I collected it on my trip last month. It’s my worry stone.”


Michael Kessler : “Today I have Zion practically to myself. Normally it is overrun by tourists – over 3 million a year! I discovered a magnificent bike trail through the most dramatic part of the park.”



Pamela Murphy : “I live in a rural area on a 10 acre farm and my studio is in the oldest part of a barn, across the driveway from my house. I often go a week or more without leaving the property. I feel fortunate because aside from going out into the community even less than usual, my routine hasn’t changed. It’s impossible not to constantly think about the impact of COVID-19. I feel so sorry for people who have lost loved ones, and I worry about my family and friends. I will continue to paint and hope for the best. Thank you for your support and encouragement!”

“Meanwhile, with spring coming, my life is getting busier with farm-related things.  I’ll be starting vegetable seeds in a couple of weeks and kidding season has begun. Three of my does had their kids last week and I can highly recommend baby goats as companions during this time of isolation!”