May 5th, 2020

Max poses with his kitten portrait by Cristall Harper.

Eileen Treasure, Manager

We have a growing collection of our clients’ installation images featuring the house cats and dogs of Gallery MAR collectors, and since this is the golden age of happy pets (lots of warm laps to nap on, 24/7), we wanted to share some of our favorites.

Warner, the Charlotte, NC cat naps better with Nina Tichava‘s “After the Twilight, Always a Sunrise” in sight.


Maura Allen‘s “Meridian: Winter Run” would make any dog happy, right?


The encaustic paintings of Bridgette Meinhold are sure to calm and relax any puppy especially — with 6 inches of duvet underneath.


Soothing grays and blues are the perfect backdrop for Bridgette Meinhold‘s installation and another happy cat.


Beautiful Park City installation of Shawna Moore‘s “Shock Wave” with a Rebecca Kinkead skier. The black and white kitty is on top of the pillows.


Jamie Burnes created this amazing sculpture of the family’s pet, Wally, and he was very pleased with the result!

If you want to share an image of your cat or dog and Gallery MAR artwork, we would love to include them in our next installment of Cats & Dogs In Situ.

Send your image to At least someone (furry) is enjoying the shut-down!