February 24th, 2020

Jamie Burnes, “Three Rings,” wood and steel, 76″ x 76″ x 32″ SOLD, accepting bespoke commissions


By Veronica Vale

Beautiful art can come in any sized package, like the little bronze figures by Fran Nicholson or the petite dog paintings by Cristall Harper, however, sometimes nothing makes a statement quite like large-scale art. Here are a few tips and tricks to help your large-scale art pack the greatest punch:

Tip #1: Design Around Your Art

Michael Kessler, “Aspeniced (2),” acrylic, 60″ x 96″

For a particularly large-scale piece, we advise planning out your large-scale art before your space, when possible. Taking large scale art into consideration during the design stage of home building is an excellent way to establish room and drama for your large-scale masterpieces as well as enable a more cohesive design scheme by designing your home around your art.

A Michael Kessler piece set the modern, neutral design scheme for our collector’s home.

Tip #2: Pick a Focal Point

If designing your home around your art is not in the cards for you and your home, carefully consider where in your home you do want to make the biggest statement. There’s no use wasting a powerful piece on a back corner, when it’s meant to shine front and center. We recommend highly trafficked spaces that give a strong first impression of your home like a fireplace mantle or foyer or more personal spaces that you spend a lot of time in like a bedroom or stairway landing.


Jylian Gustlin, “Entropy 58,” mixed media, 54″ x 90″


This dining room installation of a Ron Russon painting creates a powerful impression on guests of our collectors’ home


In contrast, this large-scale encaustic by local artist Bridgette Meinhold finds its home in a more personal space, where our collectors can see and love it every day


Tip #3: Set the Tone

We always advise using your heart and gut instinct to lead you to just the right piece for your home, but with a piece so large (and often so prominently displayed), this advice is especially important. Make sure to choose a piece that would not only delight you to see every day but one that says something about your home and your family. Large-scale art is a great way to set the tone for your home and your design. Are you looking for a bold statement with high drama or a warm and cozy scene to set a peaceful tone? Let your art guide the way.


Matt Flint, “Stedfast, mixed media, 60″ x 48″


 Tip #4: Go 3D

Joe Norman, “Fear/Love Lifesized,” mixed media, 83″ x 32″ x 32″ installed in our collectors’ home


Richard Taylor, “Firebird,” mixed media, 105″ x 31″ x 25″


We just love this powerful, interactive Jamie Burnes installation


Large-scale art isn’t just reserved for paintings! We love to see how the sculptural works by Gallery MAR artists Jamie Burnes, Joe Norman, and Richard Taylor can change a landscape. Many of the three dimensional works at Gallery MAR have the unique advantage of weather resistance. The resilience of materials such as wood and steel make these sculptural works perfect for indoor or outdoor installations. So the next time you’re looking to add some elegance to your property, consider the powerful impact of large-scale sculpture.

We hope these large-scale art tips are helpful the next time you’re looking to dream big.