February 23rd, 2020

Carmel rose tree

Idyllic scenes abound in Carmel-by-the-Sea

I’m always ready for a trip to the beach, even if it’s a work trip. This weekend, Gallery MAR Carmel came calling.

It’s the land of dogs on the beach, darling boutiques, and marvelous (ahem!) art galleries: Carmel, California has it all, and a warm break in temperatures from Park City.

Gallery interior scene

Gallery MAR Carmel with figure by Jylian Gustlin

Last June, I opened this new “sister” gallery on Dolores Avenue, between Ocean and Seventh, in the heart of the arts district. With partner Thomas Cushman, we selected artists and have brought a much-needed fresh and bold vision to this area. Thomas runs the show here year-round, with occasional visit by myself to help him out. He’s doing an incredible job of staying true to our mission and representing our artists, who deliver work from all over the country.


Kathy Taylor horse painting

“Horse Trainer” by Kathy Taylor, 20″ x 24″, available at Gallery MAR Carmel


Maren Mullin and Cristall Harper

Gallery artist Cristall Harper visits

I love the energy of Carmel: calm, quiet, restful. It’s a nice balance to the Park City lifestyle, which is all about athletics and vigor. Carmel has a way with ease… peaceful gardens and overflowing flower boxes are abundant in the heart of the city. People stroll on the streets, meandering in between alleyways and quaint side-streets where you can find a hidden coffee shop or consignment store. It’s a perfect place to take a yoga class, sit at the bar for dinner to meet locals, and generally take your time.

When I come here, I sure do miss my family but it’s a beautiful break and a joy to be able to join the very special community they have here.


Carmel Pine Cone Police Log cartoon

Carmel Pine Cone Police Log cartoon


Gallery MAR Carmel interior

Gallery MAR Carmel interior with Michael Kessler (acrylic), Kamran Simimi (wood and stone), and Thomas Scoon (glass and stone)