November 17th, 2019

By Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant and Spiritual Warrior


A creative life is fully embraced through total surrender and allowing the collective consciousness to flow through you. May it be through a paint brush, welding bronze or steel, a fresh linen canvas, or a large empty room, art is life. I finished by second 200 hr YTT this autumn in Chamonix, France, and came home with a fresh new perspective and the ability to share and hold space for my community in Gallery MAR. Among the art on the wall we expanded our own ability to create from within, through breath and movement, we aligned ourselves with the original source that allows for all of life to come to physical manifestation. Creating peace on earth begins with ourselves, peace in our hearts and souls emanates and expands to all we come into contact with and affects the very building that we had the pleasure to practice asana and pranyama in. Can you feel the shift? More love, more art, more life. Namaste.


Moving art to create the room to practice asana was a breeze.


In Chamonix doing acro yoga with one of my fellow students from Switzerland.


Havoc Hendricks, myself, and Bridgette Meinhold after class, all glowing, happy, and grateful.

Savasana or corpse pose, arguably the most important in the series of postures as it prepares you for our final destination, leaving our human bodies.


Another of myself in France with fellow american from New Jersey. Our chalets provided the perfect atmosphere for photographs with the French Alps in the background.