September 16th, 2019

By Eileen Treasure, Manager

Photoshop can install any piece of art on any wall. Gallery MAR offers this service for out-of-town clients or anyone who needs a peek at what a particular painting will look like in their space. It’s like a dressing room for trying on artwork. Here are some of our favorites:

Michael Kessler’s “Revealed (7)” looks great on this stair wall which shows into the kitchen, dining and living rooms, and this Park City client agreed.


Matt Flint’s “Stedfast” is one possibility for this coastal, California home.


Jylian Gustlin’s “Fibonacci 410” might be the choice for this Utah home.


Something like Bridgette Meinhold’s “Summer Blues” would look beautiful on this Michigan stone wall.


“Summit Lake” by Sarah Winkler is brilliant in this Park City, modern home.


One option for this den/office is Maura Allen’s “New West” which looks great with the leather and suede daybed.


Or should the client choose Ron Russon’s “Finding Peace” and make a bolder statement?


We love the juxtaposition of a modern painting (Jylian Gustlin’s Fibonacci 273) in a formal space in Charleston.


Our clients were deciding between Aaron Memmott’s “Winter Vallery Sunset” or sunrise, below.


The client chose Memmott’s “Winter Valley Sunrise” for their East Coast home.

What can we Photoshop for you?