August 4th, 2019

By Eileen Treasure, Gallery MAR Manager

Laura & Havoc Hendricks, Utah artists: turning a passion into a profession.

I recently had dinner with Havoc Hendricks and his wife, Laura.  (We invited Hendricks to join Gallery MAR last fall.) They radiate excitement for their creative pathway. Hendricks revealed the source of his joie de livre: “Painting used to be a hobby for me, and even though it turned into my profession, it still feels like a hobby.”  As young, studio artists in Utah, they also show surprising wisdom and foresight. They worked hard in school (though not art school) and various jobs including Havoc’s run in the original Blue Man Group in New York.

Havoc’s fresh, unconventional designs have surprised and amazed our collectors.  It’s truly an accomplishment to be original these days, yet Havoc is a perfectionist in his craftsmanship. Finding nature’s patterns in geodes, wood-grained furniture, water running down a creek and mountain climbing, his work is not meant “to scream for attention, but rather be noticed when the viewer is ready to be drawn in.”

Havoc plays magician with water and oil in his geode series. This is “Emerald Geode.”

“Growing up in rural Idaho, I spent most of my childhood observing the tiny details of my quiet environment. I have memories of obsessing over my grandfather’s 100+ geode collection.” Visitors to the gallery often ask if they are real geodes.

“Tahoe Blue” draws you into his intricate line patterns–all in a 10″ x 8″ format.

Havoc (his given name is John) admits to missing out on some artistic knowledge from an art education, but states with confidence, “I’ve also had a mind unfettered by rules and suggestions which has allowed me to discover new techniques and styles previously unexplored.”

Deer Valley, fresh and bold, installation from Gallery MAR’s Havoc Hendricks.

Havoc’s new Oceanscapes Series explores the line flow from a different angle, “It’s like learning how to build a car after you made one out of Legos.”  I’m sure his Lego car was incredible to begin with.


Havoc Hendricks’ new Oceanscapes Series shows line patterns from a completely different angle than his Mountain Line paintings.

Since its establishment in 2008, Gallery MAR has been a place where brilliant artistic vision meets the everyday lives of collectors around the globe.  Welcome to Havoc Hendricks!