March 8th, 2019

The last Friday in February brought our much anticipated reception for beloved artist Matt Flint. He and his wife, Angie, traveled from Wyoming for the weekend to showcase his new collection “Braided Path,” which was nothing short of a success.

Live music filled the gallery while patrons and collectors bustled in to view the incredible masterpieces Flint created for Gallery MAR. This year’s paintings are a collection of original oil paintings, along with a selection of mixed media pieces comprised of silver leaf, gesso, and Japanese Sumi ink. Staying true to his love of nature and color, contrasted pinks, cobalt blue, and muted black and white haunt the many wild life animals manifested by the artist’s paint brush. Numerous paintings found their owners that evening, while others are still available and needing good homes.


“Somewhere in the Sky,” 40″ x 60″, Matt Flint, It’s all in the eyes, they follow you around the room.

Many patrons visit the gallery to see new art and say “Hello.”

“Listen to the Lake,” 60″ x 48″, Matt Flint, Still available for you personal collection

Favorite local musicians, playing the best acoustic covers from oldies to goodies.

“So Much is Happening All Around,” 48″ x 36″, Matt Flint

Matt and Angie Flint, it takes team work to make the dream work! Angie delivered all of Matt’s work herself from Wyoming.

“While the Sun is Shining Through,” 60″ x 48″, Matt Flint, A delicate creature surrounded by the dark


The sweetest people you will every meet.



The gallery front, showcasing Flint’s masterpieces. Stop by soon and see what we have available.