December 26th, 2018

The show, “Flight,” at Gallery MAR arrives at the tail end of a period of great change and growth for Vermont-based painter, Rebecca Kinkead. She’s traveled the country, sojourned in Ireland and just completed her new studio in rural Vermont. The show features birds of flight, horses and other wildlife, and of course, skiers. She muses,

“It may sound cheesy, but it feels like I’m the one taking flight. It’s now my chance to soar and to spread my wings.”

Vermont Artist, Rebecca Kinkead with “Flight” Friday, Dec. 28 6 pm at Gallery MAR


“Tuck (Deep Snow)” by Rebecca Kinkead


“Grey Horse with Snow” by Rebecca Kinkead


Also featured in “Flight,” is Santa Fe sculptor, Jamie Burnes, who works in heart-wood Eastern Cedar and Cor-ten steel and brings the horses “Leda,” “Pollux,” and “Castor” to the exhibition.  These full-sized horses make up the constellation Gemini.

“Leda, Pollux and Castor” by Jamie Burnes in Cedar and Cor-ten steel

Join us Friday, Dec. 28 at 6 pm for artful food, music and conversation with the artists.