September 1st, 2016


“The Mullins” by Fred Calleri

Written by Eileen Treasure, Fine Art Consultant

It’s a big decision and maybe a little scary, too. Commission a painting?  Buy a painting without actually seeing it?  Our artists at Gallery MAR are true professionals. Often, they enthusiastically accept the invitation to paint something special and personal for a client. The results are very special.

On the practical side, a commissioned painting will be just the desired size and the color palette that you choose. But typically, it’s the subject matter that drives the decision to commission a work. Honoring a special time of life or event or pet, because paintings last for generations, is the perfect  occasion.

Longhorn Lefty 6x6 GMAR

“Longhorn Lefty” by Cristall Harper

There is a higher level of satisfaction in saying, “The artist painted this for me — that’s my own, lovely dog!” In order to create a truly beautiful work, one that is from the artist’s view and inspiration, the artist should be allowed as much freedom as possible. A few particulars and ideas to spark the creativity of an artist is the perfect way to go. Over-direct a commission, and it is sure to be problematic.

Moose Commision (1 Bull) 48x72 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

“Moose Commission” by Ron Russon



Novotney Commission

“Four Skiers Commission” by Rebecca Kinkead



Eisner Installation 1

“Oxide (4) Grouping Commission” by Michael Kessler


Sometimes an additional painting is desired to accompany an existing painting from the gallery. The image above shows a Michael Kessler painting, “Oxide (4)” on the right, with a commissioned painting on the left, making a spectacular statement in this living room.

When you choose to commission a painting, the artist provides a sketch for your approval at the beginning and an image near completion for you to request last-minute adjustments if needed.

There’s no need to fear commissioning a painting, and Gallery MAR will help you every step of the way.

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