June 16th, 2015

We were delighted this month to find a new home for our gallery horse, “Edgar” by Jamie Burnes. This four hundred pound wonder has been at the gallery for a few months and was looking to grace a new space.

We never guessed it would be so close!

His new collector has decided to place the sculpture just up the street, at the Imperial Hotel, where the Riverhorse on Main restaurant is opening a new gourmet food to-go spot, as well as an event space. “Edgar” will welcome guests as they arrive to the new Riverhorse outpost!

Two Man Movers successful coordinated the move of Edgar this bright and early morning — many thanks to them!

Jamie Burnes Sculpture at Gallery MAR, Moving Day

Jamie Burnes Sculpture at Gallery MAR, Moving Day


Negotiating our front door.


Carefully moving in for a soft landing on the truck bed.


Tying down securely to the truck bed.


Waving “bye-bye” as “Edgar” makes his way up Main Street, Park City


Two Man Movers’ team members are all hams!


Wrapping Edgar in moving blankets, and covering his eyes so that he doesn’t get too scared.


Head Chef Seth Adams and Riverhorse photographer look on, as “Edgar” makes his way to his new home at the Imperial Hotel.