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And… Action! Park City awaits Amy Ringholz Show

Here at Gallery MAR, we are getting our lights and cameras ready for the onslaught of Sundance visitors to the gallery. Each year, Park City is packed with film-goers and star-seekers. During this intense week (which begins January 22nd), we bring a new show that matches the energy of this film festival extravaganza: for Amy Ringholz.

Amy Ringholz

The show title is “Resolution,” and we believe that Ms. Ringholz will be asking our guest to think about what we want… dream… desire in the new year! What resolutions will you make?

Amy Ringholz

As we look forward, we should also look back to recognize the accomplishments of this exceptional artist. Ms. Ringholz was the featured artist at the Fall Arts Fest in Jackson Hole, just a few years back. It’s an incredible honor that the Jackson Hole Chamber bestows upon one Jackson Hole-based artist each year. Ringholz was the first female to be chosen in over a decade, and, at 34, was also the youngest artist ever selected. There was not a dry eye in the auction tent when Amy Ringholz gave her Thank You speech mentioning her family and friends, and including each and every one of us who love (and for some of us “live”) her work.

We also have a beautiful video, which shows Ms. Ringholz’s engaging process, on our blog here: http://www.gallerymar.com/2011/01/amy-ringholz-artist-profile/ that is a treat to view. I hope that you will take a moment to enjoy the clip, as you fasten your seatbelts for all things Sundance!

That’s One Chic Nursery!

What a lucky baby…

Amy Ringholz - "White Rabbit" Installed

Amy Ringholz – “White Rabbit” Installed

One of our collectors just sent us this gorgeous photo of her daughter’s nursery. I don’t know about you, but we are ready to move in! Who doesn’t love a pink chandelier?!?

Amy Ringholz - "White Rabbit" Installed

Amy Ringholz – “White Rabbit” Installed

The painting by Amy Ringholz seals the deal — great taste in decor comes with fabulous taste in artwork.

We love receiving these photos of our collector’s homes. Please, keep ’em coming!

Amy Ringholz - "White Rabbit"

Amy Ringholz – “White Rabbit”

New Collection of Paintings from Amy Ringholz


“Eve,” 30″ x 40″ in Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

It is with delight that we are able to share a few new selections of artwork from Amy Ringholz, whose show “WONDERLAND” will arrive in Park City for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

More surprises await you… but for now, enjoy these special paintings and please do call the gallery with any questions.

That’s How it’s Done! Installing “Blaze”

A newly installed commission by Amy Ringholz in a collector’s home.

Congratulations to the artist and collector!

Amy Ringholz KINGDOM Exhibition Reception

Thank you to our gallery collectors, friend, guests and featured artist Amy Ringholz for gracing us with your presence last night!

Amy Ringholz– Featured Artist of the Fall Arts Fest, 2012

Ms. Ringholz's gracious speech prior to the auction of her painting "Dreamers Don't Sleep."

At Gallery MAR, we look forward to celebrating our artists in many ways– art receptions, books, studio visits, and of course sales. Each is a victory for an artist, as he or she hopes to express their vision through a variety of means. We all want to be recognized and appreciated for our life’s work, but most artists don’t often receive the deserved recognition for their beautiful creations. Our artist Amy Ringholz is an exception, because she lives her dreams, and exudes her passions.

I just returned from celebrating Ms. Ringholz at the Fall Arts Fest in Jackson Hole, for which she was the featured artist. It’s an incredible honor that the Jackson Hole Chamber bestows upon one Jackson Hole-based artist each year. Ringholz is the first female to be chosen in over a decade, and, at 34, is also the youngest artist ever selected. There was not a dry eye in the auction tent when Amy Ringholz gave her Thank You speech mentioning her family and friends, and including each and every one of us who love (and for some of us “live”) her work.

Amy Ringholz just completed a book, titled after her featured painting for Fall Arts “Dreamers Don’t Sleep.” Looking through the book, I am reminded of how fortunate I am, as a gallery owner, and how lucky YOU are, as a viewer and collector, to have a person like Amy Ringholz in our lives. Her artwork speaks for itself, and our gallery guests connect with each and every piece– but under the beauty of the paintings is the internal beauty of the painter.

Maren Mullin and Amy Ringholz at "Something Wild This Way Comes"

Her brother, musician Brian Douglas Day, said at her closing night “Something Wild This Way Comes” party, “Amy is a beautiful painter. But as good of a painter she is, she is an even better person.” As my husband and I enjoyed the revelry of the event, helped to donate to her favorite causes, watched a three-ring circus act for which she corralled more than 50 people to participate in, we had to agree. It’s an honor to work with Amy Ringholz.

Dreamers Don’t Sleep, They Can’t, by Amy Ringholz

if a dream lives inside you, it doesn’t just mingle with your heart.

in the morning, it wakes you, you smile.

when you look in the mirror, you see more than yourself.

you see strength, confidence, you see greatness ahead.

when the sun sets and hearts quiet,

the dream lights a fire within,

that burns with such warmth,

others long to be close.

Amy Ringholz – Three New Works

Amy Ringholz’s  year is heating up. This September, the Wyoming-based artist is the Featured Artist of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. Quite a coup for a woman of her age. But Ms. Ringholz is unlike many of her contemporaries, eschewing the typical Western look and bringing bright and bold colors to her wildlife paintings. We have just received three new works to Gallery MAR, pictured below.

"Drifter" by Amy Ringholz, 48" x 24", Oil, 2012

Known for her atypical color combinations and bold, saturated colors, Ms. Ringholz palette begins with earth tones and then often advances bravely to cartoon/crayon hues. In addition, her animal subjects seem to display human qualities that engage the viewer through the power of personality and eye contact.

"Sightline" by Amy Ringholz, 40" x 30", Oil, 2012

Blessed with a gift, the creative spark and a pure heart, Ms. Ringholz brings her journey of discovery to her art. Her unique process; drawing in ink then adding colors inspired by the west, brings her renditions of the animal kingdom to life. In her own words Amy believes, “I have an exciting road ahead and cannot wait to see what the future of my artwork holds. I am dedicated to painting with passion and letting the artwork evolve and grow. I am so thankful for my God-given talents and so happy to be using them. May my passion for following dreams come through my paintings and move you towards yours.”

"Pasty" by Amy Ringholz, 36" x 12", Oil, 2012

Sundance in Park City

We have had several calls from collectors and friends wondering… “are you open?”

Yes! We will be open for the entirety of the Sundance Film Festival. Do you have your tickets? Your “in” with the PIBs (People in Black) to get into the hottest parties? Well, me neither. But you do have a full access pass to some of the best artwork in town at Gallery MAR.

Each day of the Festival, you will find Gallery MAR open and exhibiting the latest work from Amy Ringholz in her “Menagerie” show, along with our 30 other talented artists.

And we’re excited to announce that we will have Carson Daly from the “Last Call with Carson Daly” show filming in the gallery on Saturday afternoon, so stop by to check out which celebs he’ll have in front of the mic.

Then, on January 25th and 26th we will be moving to our new location. We’ll see you there, at the beginning of February, our new home: 436 Main Street, Park City.

Amy Ringholz, Artist at Work

Amy Ringholz, Artist at Work

Isn’t this studio incredible? The above photo shows Gallery MAR artist Amy Ringholz diligently at work on her latest exhibition “Menagerie,” which premiers Friday, January 13th at the gallery.

Please plan to join us, along with Ms. Ringholz, in the gallery for this exciting showcase of new artwork in both her traditional styles and the new “Urban Wildlife” series.

Upcoming, Regional Art Events

Although Summer is full of art festivals and events, Fall can be one of the best times of year to see and experience new artwork in our region.

The Fall Arts Festival in Jackson Hole Wyoming, from September 8 to the 18th, is coming to its crescendo this weekend. This is when the quick paint and auction occur, and all of the galleries prepare for this weekend to be one of the best for sales all year. It’s my favorite time of year to visit Jackson Hole, which is at its best in the summer and fall months.

If you visit, Hotel Terra is a beautiful and ecologically conscious hotel that I highly recommend. In addition, the Amangani is another top favorite, with incredible views of the Tetons and even better service. For food, head to Rendezvous Bistro, where budding artists can draw right on the (paper-covered) tables and expect a wide range of seasonal and local specialties.

Amy Ringholz - Wolf Solo

Next year, Gallery MAR artist Amy Ringholz is the Featured Artist of the 2012 Fall Arts Festival, and we can’t wait to see what work she produces for the feature. Congratulations to Ms. Ringholz, whose work can be seen at our solo exhibition for her on Friday, January 13th beginning at 6pm.

Another exciting, upcoming show is the “Park City Collects” exhibition at the Kimball Art Center. This new exhibit asks the question: “why do people collect art?” and presents the stories behind signature pieces in the collections of various art aficionados from the Park City community.  The artwork on view is as diverse and eclectic as the reasons for collecting it. The Members’ Opening Reception on Saturday, December 3 from 6-8 p.m. Mark your calendar!