Bryon Draper: Embracing the Imperfections in 15Bytes Magazine, December 2017

He has an ageless sort of face, with piercing blue eyes and curly, light brown hair. As he sits at a neat desk, a few papers piled on one side of the keyboard, a pencil tucked behind his ear, his process is clearly visible in the setup of his studio…

Abbie Powers Window Installation in Park Record – July 2017

Abbie R. Powers paused for a moment to take in a wave of the light blue silk she suspended with some fishing line from the inside ceiling of Gallery MAR’s front window. She stepped back, tilted her head and moved forward to adjust the billow…

Matt Flint in Vice Magazine – June, 2017

Wyoming artist Matt Flint spreads a message of conservation through dreamy animal portraits…

Maura Allen in Cowboys & Indians – April, 2017

When Cheyenne Frontier Days decided for the first time in its 120-year history to feature a cowgirl on its official poster, the honor of creating the image went to Maura Allen…

Jylian Gustlin in Equestrian Living Magazine – Fall, 2016

Jylian Gustlin is a native Californian and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. The technology explosion of Silicon Valley shaped her, and her art reflects her in-depth knowledge of that technology…

15Bytes Utah Artists Source “Visual Splendor: Nina Tichava” – May, 2016

Nina Tichava’s mixed-media paintings, now on exhibit at Park City’s Gallery MAR, are so easy to look at, so enticing to the hungry eye, that one might dismiss them too easily as mere eye candy, as inconsequential props in an interior designer’s stage set…

Park Record, “Matt Flint: Nurtured by Nature” – March, 2016

Gallery MAR will host an artist reception for artist Matt Flint, whose new exhibit “Nurtured by Nature” is inspired by the outdoors. His works, such as “A Perfect Day,” captures animals in their elements…

Westchester Magazine, “Exhibit Michael Kessler” – February, 2016

The elegant, minimalist compositions of Michael Kessler are extemporaneous discoveries. The artist has synthesized, by an acute and reverential ideation of process, enigmatic and beatific surfaces…

Sarah Winkler in AlpineModern Magazine – Issue 05, Winter 2015

Much like a travel writer brings back stories from afar, this wanderlust-bitten painter must travel to make art at home. “Experiencing new things, seeing things for the first time… you’re really open and raw, so you are absorbing a lot easier”…

Gallery MAR chosen as a local favorite by Stay Park City – September, 2015

Stay Park City, a premier lodging site, offers a wide selection of accommodations, local scoop, and deals that you won’t find anywhere else.  Visit Stay Park City for tips on where to stay and what not to miss…

Mountain Living Magazine “Beauty and the Beast” Featuring Jamie Burnes – Fall, 2015

The artist: Jamie Burnes. Best known for: Robust sculptures of animals crafted from steel with rusted and weathered patina that’s bent, wrapped, and manipulates around chunks of wood…

Western Art and Architecture “Illuminations  – Michael Kessler” – July, 2015

Using between 20 and 100 microlayers of paint, Michael Kessler creates contemporary abstract paintings referencing the natural environment…

Southwest Art Magazine “Economy of Form – Wayne Salge” – July, 2015

Wayne Salge captures essence and emotion through simple angles and lines. Sometimes a slightly off-kilter perspective can be a good thing…

Gallery MAR Facilitates Auction to Benefit Earthquake – May, 2015

On April 25, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, killing at least 7,500 people and injuring more than 15,000. While those numbers continue to rise, hundreds of disaster-relief groups and volunteers have either converged on the area or are sending donations of money or relief supplies to the area…

Yahoo Travel Recommends From Bobsledding to Ski– February, 2015

Swanky little Park City was once a Wild West mining town but now mints gold in tourism dollars. In wintertime the moneyed, skiing masses arrive; and each January thousands of cinephiles, industry types, and PR flacks converge on this otherwise laid-back mountain town for the Sundance Film Festival….

Rebecca Kinkead Paints Memories at Gallery MAR – March, 2015

Gallery MAR is excited about an upcoming exhibition featuring works by its top-selling artist, Rebecca Kinkead. The show is called Wild Life and is Kinkead’s first solo show at the gallery, located at 436 Main Street in Park City…

Western Art and Architecture Illuminations Featuring Carol Alleman – August, 2014

Bronze sculptor Carol Alleman chooses the vessel as her medium because of theri versatility of the shape and the inherent symbolism. Her sculptural lines are both delicate and lyrical, gracing each piece with a body of discovery that evolves organically, once Alleman has researched the subject exhaustively…

Southwest Art Magazine, “Today’s West”  – August, 2014

Maura Allen becomes both participant and spectator to interpret contemporary Western life. An observer once called painter Maura Allen “the Warhol of the West” because she incorporates the same serigraph process that the famous pop artist used while offering viewers an imaginative take on the western way of life today…”

Victoria Magazine, “Nature Preserved Bridgette Meinhold” –  Winter 2014

“Bridgette Meinhold, a self-professed ski bum, and scholar of civil and mechanical engineering, expresses her love of the outdoors through an ancient artistic technique…”

Park Record, “Gallery MAR Celebrates Five” – July, 2013

“Maren Bargreen Mullin opened Gallery MAR in 2008. Her vision was to feature fine abstract, contemporary and noncommercial art. In January 2012, in the middle of the Sundance Film Festival, the gallery moved from…”

Big Sky Journal “Shawna Moore Feature” – Summer, 2013

“The scene of honey, a blossom of paint, the heady buzz of heat.  Stepping into Shawna Moore’s 1940s bungalow in Whitefish, MT, the afternoon light slants across the studio…”

Western Art and Architecture “Wanderings: Park City, Utah” – Winter, 2012-2013

“Sublime snow is just one reason to visit this culinary and art-rich mountain hamlet…”

Park Record “Gallery MAR Celebrates New Location” – July, 2012

“Gallery MAR has been open for more than four years and in the middle of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival last January, owner Maren Mullin relocated from 580 Main Street to 436 Main Street, a space that formerly housed Quality Interiors and Gifts.”

Mountain Express Magazine “Rediscover Gallery MAR” – Summer/Fall 2012

“There’s just something about discovering your own treasure in an art gallery…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Cowgirl Up!” Maura Allen Feature – April, 2012

“Sculptor and print maker Maura Allen was born and raised in the West, and today the Colorado-based artist is known for her fresh, contemporary take on both the region and its people. ‘What’s not to love about the wide-open spaces and blue skies? It feels like freedom here,’ Allen says. ‘When I see a horse in the West, I see freedom and speed. And that’s what I like to explore in my work.’…”

Western Art and Architecture Magazine “Ones to Watch– Shawna Moore” – March 2012


Park Record “Abstractly Natural Artworks at Gallery MAR” – March, 2012

“Natural abstracts will be the flavor of the night when the Gallery MAR hosts an opening reception for artists Shawna Moore and Michael Kessler on Saturday. While the two artists live far from each other, Moore lives in Montana and Kessler lives in New Mexico, they are good friends who have known each other for 10 years…”

Park Record “Gallery MAR is Movin’ On Up” – January, 2012

“After three years, Main Street’s Gallery MAR is on the move, but not too far from home. Gallery owner Maren Mullin will be heading up the street about one block, from her current location inside the Galleria Mall to a street-level space at 436 between Flanagan’s Irish Pub and Purple Sage…”

City Weekly “Amy Ringholz Menagerie” – January, 2012

“Coming from a family history rich with painters and creative artists and bringing a strong Midwest work ethic, Amy Ringholz gravitates to art naturally. As a result, she brings a sense of boundless joy and energy to her work. Friends and acquaintances of the artist personally attest to experiencing the fun, excitement and wonder of ‘Amy’s world’”…

Park City’s Milepost – Fall, 2011

“When Maren Mullin opened Gallery MAR at 580 Main Street in early 2008, she was the youngest gallery owner in town. Now three years later, she’s no longer the baby in the family and instead is gaining a reputation for her activity in the Park City arts community…”

North Caroline Home Magazine “Let the Circle Be Broken”- Fall, 2011

Despite his spiritual and environmentalist worldviews, Brad Stroman is hardly a didactic painter; in fact, what makes his paintings so powerful is the sheer silence of them. A feather suspended in a halo of light appears light as a visual whisper…”

Park Record “Guest artist Shawna Moore to hold encaustic sessions at Kimball Art Center” – September, 2011

Montana-based artist Shawna Moore began her artistic career studying architecture at the University of Oregon. After five years of classes, she found architecture was too rigid a career and practice. So, she switched majors and went into art. “Art was more free and a whole new challenge…”

Park Record “Local Artist Chosen for Great Basin Residency” – September, 2011

“Sculptor Joe Norman, whose works have been showing at Gallery MAR since 2009, can add a National Park as another venue in his resume. Norman has been named the autumn Artist-in-Residence for Great Basin National Park in Nevada…”

15Bytes Utah “Give a Farmer a Brush” – July, 2011

“Give a farmer academic art training and watch what happens. Color theory, composition, drawing, and all the principles and elements of design are learned and practiced until they are intuitive. Then, just as the farmer responds to the environment each and every day, the farmer-turned-artist responds, wash-by-wash, stroke-by-stroke, to the way the paint behaves on the canvas.”

Southwest Art Magazine “Dimensional Expression– Jamie Burnes” – July, 2011

“I use simple, straightforward materials– felled trees and fabricated CorTen steel– to convey dualities found in nature. My pieces are simultaneously abstract and representational. I sue modern materials resistant t the breakdown of time and finish them with the patina of decay to create an almost medieval machine, yet still a lifelike creation…”

Western Art and Architecture Feature of Collector Bill Redeker’s Home – Winter, 2011

“Living in some of the busiest and most dangerous places in the world is part of the job if you’re an international correspondent for ABC News. Despite the nomadic patterns of his professional life, Bill Redeker managed to carve out a niche for himself, wherever he was…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Wit and Wisdom” Ginger Bowen – January, 2011

“Egg beaters, buckets, and buoys. Coffee pots, clocks, and blocks. These are a few of Ginger Bowen’s favorite things among the treasure trove of objects she has collected over the years. The Arizona-based painter has nearly a thousand old toys, tools, musical instruments, and other artifacts from bygone days, all contained in a storage area she refers to as her “prop room.” Bowen has a penchant for scouring antiques stores and flea markets…”

“Gallery MAR Exhibits Two Renegade Painters” – December, 2010

“Artists George Bodine and Kirk Tatom followed a long and winding road to becoming oil painters in the late 1990s. Bodine was an oil field worker, a police officer, a miner, a cab driver and airline pilot, Tatom was a carver and sculptor. Both had their epiphanies by being at the right place at the right time…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Best of the West” – December, 2010

“Gallery MAR features new work by George Bodine and Kirk Tatom later this month. Bodine is a self-taught artist who eschews labels.  He prefers to focus on what moves him as an artist…”

City Weekly and Southwest Art Magazine Artist Features – September, 2010

“Gallery MAR‘s Joe Norman and Warren Neary are both featured in this month’s press coverage. We’re excited to see these two fine artists’ work, celebrated. Pick up a copy of City Weekly or Southwest Art Magazine today and read more below to discover their talents…”

Park Record “Bread and Blue” – May, 2010 & 15 Bytes Exhibition Spotlight “Into the Blue” – June, 2010

“This month at Gallery MAR you can view Randall Lake’s “Blue” paintings, a group of work first explored in our profile of the artist in the January edition of 15 Bytes. These deeply personal and stridently polemical paintings reveal a rarely seen aspect of the Utah artist best known for his genteel landscapes and still lifes…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Newsmakers– Scott Lloyd Anderson” – June, 2010

“‘Valentines for Sale’ by Minnesota painter Scott Lloyd Anderson won Best in Show and an $8,000 prize at Salon International, an exhibition of representational oil paintings held each year…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Matt Flint” – March, 2010

“Capturing the rhythms of the natural world. His father once made testers for radar guider systems. His sister is a nuclear power plant manager. Wyoming painter Matt Flint grew up in a science-oriented family is rural Missouri…”

Park Record “Ron Galella” – January, 2010

“During the opening day press conference for the Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford talked about his own experience with the subject of a film that is screening as part of the U.S. Documentary Competition…”

Park Record “Maren Bargreen is ‘Woman of the Year'” – November, 2009

“Earlier this month, the Park City Women’s Business Network selected Gallery Mar owner Maren Bargreen as Woman of the Year. The organization chooses a theme to help recognize amazing women in Park City’s business community….”

Art Calendar Magazine “Fred Calleri” – September, 2009

“Fred Calleri had no idea he was going to become an oil painter, but he strongly suspects it was fate…”

Park City Magazine “Art For Everyone” Summer/Fall 2009

“Connecting people with art. That is the mantra of Park City’s Gallery MAR…”

Park Record “Gallery MAR Celebrates” – June 2009

Celebrate Independence Day along with the first anniversary of Gallery MAR, 580 Main Street, with owner Maren Bargreen at 6 p.m. Friday, July 3rd…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Art in 3-D, Giuseppe Palumbo” – July 2009

“Duet is a recent work in a series based on observation…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Art in 3-D, Fran Nicholson” – July 2009

“When people see “Ball” they often smile and say, ‘I know a dog like that!’…

Salt Lake Tribune “Visual Arts Notes: Life on MAR” – May 2009

“One year anniversaries aren’t the stuff of legacies, to be sure. They are, however, signs of life and staying power all the same…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Capturing the Beauty of Another Era” Brooks Yates – April 2009

“The talents of Brooks Yates are the perfect marriage between the right brain and the left brain. By day, Yates, a father of four, works for…”

Aimone Art Services “Critique of the Month: Donne Bitner” – April 2009

“Donne Bitner gives visible form to her experience of internal reality in stream of consciousness compositions such as…”

Park Record “Gallery MAR Joins Swaner” – March 2009

“Art giveaway aims to help EcoCenter. Having never seen the artistic works by Brad Stroman and Lisa Lamoreaux one could easily describe them as…”

Noise “Its the Arts” – March 2009

“THE CALLERI STYLE: If you don’t believe that Flagstaff is an art destination talk to Fred Calleri…”


Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living “Their Place in History: The Harvey Girls and the Civilization of the American West” – March 2009

After the railroad opened the American West to the country in the mid-1800s, more than 100,000 young women left their families and the only lives they had known in search of new opportunity and adventure in an “uncivilized land. These women…”

Art Business Magazine “Generation Next” – March 2009

“The immediate concerns of an unstable economy shouldn’t cloud the vision of a bright future. But in an ever-changing market…”

Park Record “Child’s Play for Painter” – March 2009

“Old town hasn’t yet taken on the mud-luscious, puddle-wonderful form of warmer weather, but Fred Calleri’s collection of Oil paintings on display at Gallery MAR is enough to give even avid skiers and snowboarders a little spring fever…”

Salt Lake Magazine “Mountain West Preview” – March 2009

“‘A Conscious Balance’ New works by artist-activist Brad Stroman and mixed media painter Lisa Lamoreax…

Park Record “Main Street Gallery Stroll” – January 2009

“A new website, brochure and an end to the $7 requested donation at the Kimball Art Center are some of the changes those attending Friday’s gallery stroll can expect…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Best of the West” – January 2009

“Gallery MAR presents new works by Brooks Yates and Sharon Jackman this month…”

Park City Winter Guide – January 2009

Jan Perkins is featured in this guide to Park City Entertainment.

Park Record “Artist Couple has Double the Fun” – October 2008

“Artists Aaron Memmott and Penelope Moore are pros at trading spaces. The couple of seven years decided to leave Savannah, GA where Memmott had a steady job…

Salt Lake City Magazine “Women in Business” – September 2008

“Maren Bargreen worked in Park City galleries for nearly five years. ‘I always knew that I would eventually open my own art gallery,’ she says. Gallery MAR was was founded in 2007 and opened its doors in May 2008…”

American Art Collector – September 2008

“Park City is becoming more and more of an art destination. Because our market draws affluent from all over the world…”

Forbes Mountain Life – August 2008

“Maren Bargreen welcomes visitors to her new venture, Gallery MAR on Main Street…”

Flipside p. 1 featuring Brad Stroman – July 2008

Flipside p. 2 featuring Brad Stroman – July 2008

“Pennsylvania artist Brad Stroman is one of the featured artists at Park City’s newest gallery, Gallery MAR, at 580 Main Street. Stroman is environmentally conscious…”

15Bytes – July 2008

“In Park City it seems the best path to opening an art gallery is to begin by working in one…”

This Week in Park City – July 2008

“Discover Park City’s Freshest Art Gallery at 580 Main Street…”

Park Record July 2008

“At 26, Maren Bargreen is one of the youngest business owners on Main Street. Never mind that her business is a fine art gallery. The affable blonde is something of a matchmaker…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Artist to Watch” Ryan S. Brown – May 2008

“While painter Ryan S. Brown enjoys painting still life, landscape, and figurative works, he considers capturing the figure the most challenging, and therefore, the most interesting…”

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