Upcoming Exhibitions

    June 30: Sarah Winkler + Pamela Murphy, “Past/Present”

    With resplendently textured layers, Pamela Murphy and Sarah Winkler give the surface of their work its own individualized history, all the while giving elegant insight into a time in our collective past. Their paintings carry with them a feeling of quiet significance, as if each work holds within its layers a treasured account of the history of the world.

    July 21: Aaron Memmott + Cristall Harper, “Familiarity”

    Cherished are the sweet, fleeting moments of our memory, whether it be the endearing tilt of a dog’s head or the afternoon sun’s glisten off of a familiar road. Cristall Harper and Aaron Memmott aim to immortalize the ephemeral, capturing the joys of a moment and the heartfelt pang of nostalgia with every mastered stroke of the brush.

Previous Exhibitions

    April 29: “Small Works, 2017” Group Show

    A selection of artists fresh to Gallery MAR and their small works.
    Painting above: "Do as I Do" by Julia Morgan-Leamon

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