Building Your Dream Home


By Eileen Treasure, Fine Art Consultant

My Town

“My Town” by Nathaniel Mather,  Acrylic,  30” x 40”   $3,525

One of my favorite children’s books is The Big Orange Splot, by Daniel Pinkwater.

The main character, Mr. Plumbean, lives on a “neat street” where all the houses look the same. A seagull flies over his house and drops a can of bright orange paint on his roof, but instead of repainting his house to look like all the others on the street, Mr. Plumbean paints it to resemble his dreams.

He tells his neighbors, “My house is me, and I am it. My house is where I want to be, and it looks like all my dreams.”  His neighbors send people to talk him into repainting his house to look like theirs, but everyone he talks to ends up painting their houses like their dreams also. In the end, all the neighbors say:

“Our street is us and we are it. Our street is where we like to be, and it looks like all our dreams.”

Here’s to all of you who follow the path that leads to your dream home. It is an emotional process from start to finish, and the acquisition of art for your dream home happens, for some, before one shovel of dirt is moved, or for others, not until the second coat of paint has dried on the walls, and the sofa is in place.

At Gallery MAR, we are always ready to help. We will Photoshop a painting on an image of your wall, bring artwork to your Utah home, set up a layaway, gift wrap, and of course, ship when you want it to arrive… even if it’s next year.

What’s it Like to Bid by Phone?

Major Art Trophies at Auction — Three Bidders Tell All

Each bidder had one thing in common — they were quite nervous! Being the connection between the buyer and the auction house is a stressful place to be, especially when dealing with clients who might be in Russia or China, and who might not speak English. When you bring assistants for the buyers into the mix, you have yet another level in the line of communication.

Phone Auction

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images via

The dealer remarked on this aspect of it all, the layers of inter-mediation. The person talking on the phone with a Sotheby’s specialist who’s standing in the sale room might be a dealer who, in turn, represents a buyer. Take a look at the photo, above. Is there any question that the woman (second from the right) is getting an earful? Regret, anger, you name it, I’m sure they have heard it all.

Asked to describe that experience, the dealer, in turn, asked a question. “Have you ever done any theater? Yes? Do you even remember being on stage? No? That’s what it’s like. During the process, you’re laser focused, but afterwards, you feel like, ‘What just happened?'”

In the end, the stress and communication difficulties are worth it. Waxing whimsical, she noted, “It was a gift to be able to help him buy that work,” she said.

“The painting is now matched with someone who looks at it every day. It’s incredibly rewarding professionally. It was the first time I ever bid above $10 million, and it makes him deliriously happy. As a young adult, he’d gone to the artist’s studio. Then 30-plus years later he was able to get a great work by the artist. It’s perfect.”

We agree. In the end, the triumph is worth the hunt.

The Adventures of “Edgar”

We were delighted this month to find a new home for our gallery horse, “Edgar” by Jamie Burnes. This four hundred pound wonder has been at the gallery for a few months and was looking to grace a new space.

We never guessed it would be so close!

His new collector has decided to place the sculpture just up the street, at the Imperial Hotel, where the Riverhorse on Main restaurant is opening a new gourmet food to-go spot, as well as an event space. “Edgar” will welcome guests as they arrive to the new Riverhorse outpost!

Two Man Movers successful coordinated the move of Edgar this bright and early morning — many thanks to them!

Jamie Burnes Sculpture at Gallery MAR, Moving Day

Jamie Burnes Sculpture at Gallery MAR, Moving Day


Negotiating our front door.


Carefully moving in for a soft landing on the truck bed.


Tying down securely to the truck bed.


Waving “bye-bye” as “Edgar” makes his way up Main Street, Park City


Two Man Movers’ team members are all hams!


Wrapping Edgar in moving blankets, and covering his eyes so that he doesn’t get too scared.


Head Chef Seth Adams and Riverhorse photographer look on, as “Edgar” makes his way to his new home at the Imperial Hotel.


What Shall We Give Dad This Father’s Day?

Gift giving is as easy as calling Gallery MAR, and letting us do all the work. Fine art is timeless and thoughtful. It brings pleasure with each glance. Here are just a few suggestions to show how much you care this Father’s Day:


“Six-Thirty” in Bronze by Wayne Salge,  41″ x 5″ x 5″   $4,000.00.  The work day draws to a close, and it’s time to be home with the family… and relax. With a small 5 inch footprint, this sculpture is perfect when placed on an end table or desk.

Daddy's Shoes III


“Daddy’s Shoes” in Encaustic by Pamela Murphy,  14″ x 12″   $1,250.00.  Whether she’s exploring her inner fashionista today as a 2-year-old, or it’s a sweet memory from 25 years ago, she will always be daddy’s little girl!

Take Six

“Take Six” in Mixed Media Serigraph by Maura Allen, 40″ x 20″  $3,950.00. Is your man a cowboy at heart or a real cowboy? Maura Allen travels all over the west capturing authentic moments at rodeos, ranches and round-ups, and then using a silk-screen process (serigraph) creates a modern, graphic and thoroughly western piece of fine art. Yee-haw!


Salmo Trutta

“Salmon Trutta” in Oil by Ron Russon, 30″ x 40″  $2,500.00. If your dad has fished in the west, he knows a salmon trutta or brown salmon. Ron Russon is one of our local Utah artists who paints what he sees here in the west and translates that western vision into an exciting color palette with rich layers of texture.


“Ball”  Bronze by Fran Nicholson, 5.5″ 13″ x 3″   $1,800.00.  For your dad and his best friend — this sculpture captures one of the great moments of life.

We are happy to rush a shipment in time for Father’s Day. Gift wrap is always exquisite and complimentary here at Gallery MAR.

From all of us to all of you: Happy Father’s Day!


The Sights and Sounds of Summer Time

               The Summer Time

                by Sidney Hodges

The summer time, the summer time,

       With all its golden hours;

When wild birds, from the branches sing,

      Through long, long sunny hours;

I court the beaming loveliness,

     That calleth into prime

A thousand radiant sights and sounds,

     Of joyous summer time.

Summer time has finally come to Park City after the wettest May on record. Here at Gallery MAR, we invite you to enjoy the beaming loveliness of these artists:

Swarm V

                     “Swarm V”  by Pamela Murphy   Oil on canvas    37″ x 30″    $4,350

Afternoon Dip

           “Afternoon Dip”    by Mary Scrimgeour   Oil on canvas   40″ x 30″   $4,350

                Fox Hunt (Foothills)_64x58

“Fox Hunt”   by Rebecca Kinkead   Mixed Media    64″ x 58″    $14,700

Dad's BBQ

                    “Dad’s BBQ”   by Nathaniel Mather     Mixed Media    30″ x 40″   $2,900