Wayne Salge Featured in Southwest Art Magazine


My bronze sculptures encompass human and animal forms which I depict in my own abstracted style: a “Salge” blend of classical and contemporary elements. I utilize lines, shapes and textures to reveal body movement, gesture or stillness. I am not concerned with precise anatomy or plausible function; instead I focus on the expression of attitude or emotion.SWA Wayne Salge

"Together" by Wayne Salge

“Together” by Wayne Salge

View more works by the artist, here: http://www.gallerymar.com/artists/wayne-salge/

How Can I Re-sell My Art?


We get this question… all… the… time! So much so, that I have decided to re-post this article from two years ago. Many of our collectors and friends of the gallery are downsizing their home and lives (myself included), and have artwork that no longer fits on their walls.

If the artwork is by an artist that we represent, we are often interested in selling the work for our collectors right here at Gallery MAR. But that is a rare fit, and even if a collector is able to find a gallery that wishes to re-sell their piece, the gallery will take a commission on the sale.

What’s a collector to do?

Insert a new website and auction group that we recently discovered: Lofty. We have yet to purchase anything from the site, but if you feel this might be a good fit for your own works, visit the site to explore more.

The piece above is one of many enticing works that we discovered with a quick browse of American Artists. Details on the piece are as follows:

Gail Rodgers (American, 20/21st century), $700

“Art”, silkscreen and acrylic on canvas. Signed by the artist (recto). Height 40 in. x Width 32 in. Condition: Appears to be in good condition. Provenance: From a private collection.

From Lofty:

Lofty is an expert-reviewed, online marketplace for valuable fine art, antiques and collectibles. Each Lofty item is reviewed and valued by Lofty’s carefully selected network of experts, which includes qualified appraisers, current and former auction house specialists, reputable dealers, and other art world professionals with decades of experience evaluating items in their specialties. We believe buying art and antiques should come with complete peace of mind, and stand behind this commitment with a 5-year Authenticity Guarantee and a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee within seven days of delivery. Building sustainable, trusting relationships with clients is Lofty’s top priority.

A few other sites to explore on this topic are as follows..





Petite Treats

As a vertically challenged person, I’m always in the hunt for petite sized clothing. The right fit makes all the difference. The same goes for placing art in your home.

Here at Gallery MAR, we have enjoyed showing a plethora of large scale paintings since moving into our larger home in 2012. However, we have always carried many “petite treats” in paintings and sculpture  for all those vertically or horizontally challenging places.

Here are just a few of our favorites (and just in time for the holidays!):


“River Rock Boards” by Lynsey Schlegel.  Set of Six (6″ to 15″) in Assorted Wood Species,  $375


“I-70, Colorado” by James Penfield.   Acrylic, 11″ x 14″  $575

Mighty Oak-p

“Mighty Oak  114/120″  by Carol Alleman.  Bronze, 4″ x 4″ x 4.5”  $950


“Loyal” by Cristall Harper.  Oil, 6″ x 6″  $325

Gallery MAR can help you with all your gift giving for the holidays, birthdays or anniversaries, both small and large. Remember, it’s the little things that count!

Bridgette Meinhold featured in BigLife Magazine

"A Tiempo," 23" x 23", encaustic, 2015

“A Tiempo,” 23″ x 23″, encaustic, 2015

It’s true — she does live a Big Life!

Indeed, Bridgette Meinhold is a renaissance woman for our time: skier, rock climber, artist, writer, and maker, she has just been featured in BigLife Magazine.

It’s perfect timing, and we are about to mount a new show of works by Ms. Meinhold, entitled “Timing is Everything.” The artist will bring more than 20 paintings from her mountain-top home, all in her beautiful and rich encaustic medium.

Please contact the gallery if you would like to be added to our New Works email list, to see a preview of the paintings as they arrive. And make sure to join us for the Artist Reception on Friday, November 27th beginning at 6 pm in our Park City gallery.

Bridgette Meinhold in BigLife Magazine, 2015

Bridgette Meinhold in BigLife Magazine, 2015


Display Artist Megan Rider at Gallery MAR

Megan Rider, Salt Lake Supply and Design

Megan Rider, Salt Lake Supply and Design

Gallery MAR has a history of creative window displays, throughout the year. We truly enjoy the feedback that we get from our artists’ creative visions, come to life in the window. Several artists have worked with the gallery to create custom pieces, since 2008.

This year, we have a wonderful young woman from Salt Lake who is painstakingly making our displays by hand: Megan Rider of Salt Lake Supply & Design.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and do-it-yourself attitude, designer Megan Rider began Salt Lake Supply & Design as both a creative outlet and a means to combat the traditional 9 to 5.

The culmination of a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Product Development from New York City’s FIT and an extensive background in retail, design and visual display gave Megan ample inspiration for personal projects that led to interior and product design for friends and family, eventually leading into a career.

As some of her earliest memories are of wandering the aisles of Home Depot with her parents who remodeled and resold houses in Salt Lake City, Megan is no stranger to getting down and dirty with a chop saw, concrete, metal work or any number of materials. Each commissioned project is new and unique and lends itself to a whole new adventure and set of tools and equipment (which Megan feverishly collects). Whether you have a concept you would like to see come to fruition, or would like us to design and produce something completely unique, Salt Lake Supply & Design can make it a reality.

We are working to create the vision for our winter display right now. Watch our front window come late November for Megan’s latest display. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you can expect a shining display. We can’t wait to see it come to fruition.