Soltesz Fine Art Tours, Santa Fe

Michael Kessler, Arborcue

Michael Kessler, Arborcue

Gallery MAR is pleased to present a Soltesz Fine Art Tour of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Traveling to the pinnacle Southwest art destination November 10-13, 2016.

Perfect for the artist or collector! Visit Santa Fe galleries, artist’s studios (including Michael Kessler, work featured above), the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum while being wined and dined and treated to the hospitality in the Land of Enchantment.


November 10-13, 2016.  Click here for the trip overview, costs and daily itinerary.

Your art guide, Melissa Soltesz, has worked in the gallery industry for over 20 years. Melissa built her art advisor career in galleries of New York City, Park City and Portland, OR. 10 years ago she started a fine art appraiser business and 6 years ago with her fine art tours. With this extensive art world knowledge, Melissa has been an active member of the art community and has served on several boards and committees including FoCA at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and as the Chair of The Park City Public Art Advisory Board; she has also acted as a juror for numerous exhibitions and residency programs.

Melissa is originally from Connecticut and spent 17 years living in the mountains of Park City, Utah. Last year she relocated to Portland, OR and loves the beautiful green landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

Summer Fun Is Here!

The golden sunshine of summer has warmed up our collection at Gallery MAR, and here are just a few of the hot, new works that have arrived at the gallery.

Summer Fun

–One of our favorite, dog-loving, local artists is Cristall Harper, and pictured above is her “Summer Fun”


Yellow Fields

–New from Mary Scrimgeour, “Yellow Fields” (above) and “Summer Barn” (below)

Summer Barn


–Just in from Whitefish, Montana’s Shawna Moore working in encaustic:  “Xenon” (top) and “Lethe” (bottom)






–And on the wild-side from Wyoming’s Matt Flint, “Focused” (top) and “June Swans” (bottom)



June Swans-s



James Penfield‘s  small works make a big statement with “National Park Future 2” (top) and “Air Structure, CO” (bottom)






—Local artist, Bridgette Meinhold, brings two new encaustic landscapes: “Onward” (top) and “Little Spell” (bottom)



Little Spell



—Don’t miss our summer show, “In the City,” Friday, July 8 for local artist, Aaron Memmott. Here is a sneak-peak of one of his new paintings, “City Shelter”

City Shelter


Gallery MAR is open every day, and ready for fun in the sun!

Art Restoration: Help for your Damaged Piece of Art

It’s a balmy, sunny afternoon.  The windows and doors are open to let in the breeze.  A sudden violent gust blows your cherished painting off the mantel and it crashes to the ground, hitting sharp objects along the way.  What do you do?


Luckily, the trash bin does not have to be the answer.  Torn paintings may seem hopeless, but even severe damage can be made nearly invisible with the proper repair.  Many times the damage is a small scratch or a minute nick on the finish.  Other times, it can be a large gash on a canvas or a deep dent to an encaustic work. A fine art restorer can repair the damage done to art work such as paintings, murals, sculptures, ceramics, paper works, etc. with little or no evidence of the destruction.

Torn Canvas, Before

Torn Canvas, Before


Torn Canvas, After

Torn Canvas, After



Fine art restoration has been around for centuries because the passing of time can fade and erode the original glory of an art piece.  Smog, oil from cooking and cigarette smoke are a few of the environmental hazards to your artwork.   A simple cleaning of a canvas or sculpture can be done by a fine art restorer very easily.

A painting that has been cleaned, Before and After

A painting that has been cleaned, Before and After


The restoration done by a fine art restorer includes research to determine which is the best course to take, and then cleaning the work and preserving it for the future.  This well publicized mistake (below) illustrates the importance of using a professional.

The Ultimate Nightmare Restoration

The Ultimate Nightmare Restoration



Gallery MAR can help you find a reputable fine art restorer.  Our staff has many resources and we will be happy to assist you with any of your fine art needs!

Summer Dining on Main


If you haven’t yet enjoyed dinner on Main Street (yes, actually on the street) you have two opportunities to enjoy.

With summer in full swing, it’s the right time to enjoy a meal on one of our Park City outdoor dining decks and watch as the world passes you by as you savor both the cuisine and the beauty offered by the surroundings.

Once a year, Main Street closes to vehicular traffic and is filled with tables bearing the best of Main Street’s restaurant offerings; the event is called Savor the Summit. This is our second year partnering with Purple Sage, and we will host a private cocktail party in the gallery, prior to the dinner, for those who plan to dine with them.

Savor 2

Another Main Street dining option, which takes place all summer long, are the ever-popular dining decks. 13 of Main Street’s best spots construct decks on top of parking spots, allowing dining guests to be out in the fresh air. Reservations are not required, so you can plan a trip to Park City to see the galleries, and find your own perfect spot at a dining deck.


As seasoned pros to outdoor dining in Park City, we have a few tips to ensure your experience is perfect.

  • Bring a sweater or light jacket for evening dining, as it does get cool as the sunsets over the mountains.
  • Request an outdoor space when making your reservation. The dining decks are quite popular and tend to fill quickly during busing summer evenings.
  • Allow yourself more time to enjoy your meal. It is quite easy to loose track of time in Park City during the summer months.

Perfect Pairing

By Eileen Treasure

An art collection usually begins with paintings, but when sculpture is introduced, there is magic—a perfect pairing.  If you are unsure about what pieces “go” together, look for similarities in color, texture, shape or theme. Even juxtaposing two oddities can be a clever composition, as it never hurts to have a sense of humor in your collection.

Here are some examples from Gallery MAR’s current collection on display.

Above is a striking example of similar colors and contemporary style with Jared Davis’ glass sculpture, “Jupiter Vessel – Amethyst” along side the photography of Ace Kvale, with “Tranga Towers.” The warm, purple tones shift from 3-d object to 2-d photography.


The above painting, “A Perfect Day,” by Matt Flint is paired with a bronze sculpture by Carol Alleman, called “Voice of Wisdom.” Both pieces show the glories of nature and feel related to one another in color, tone and texture. Note that the large scale of the bronze (28″) stands its ground next to the 60″ x 48″ painting.


Here, above, the fluid bronze of Wayne Salge’s “Finish” shares the dynamic energy of Nina Tichava’s painting, “I Am the Envy of the Gardens.” The cool, sage-blue patina on the bronze also draws on similar color tones in the mixed media painting.


Another perfect pair — Jared Davis’ glass sculpture “Badlands and Crow” next to Michael Kessler’s “Synapse.”  They look made for each other! Pairing these two pieces, across the room from one another, would add color and dimension to any space. As both pieces are inspired by natural land formations, they would also “ground” a space in your home.

Let Gallery MAR assist you with adding sculpture to your art collection and discover your own perfect pairings; we’re open every day to assist you, and love to deliver artwork on approval to our collectors. Happy pairings to you!