How Can I Re-sell My Art?


We get this question… all… the… time! Many of our collectors and friends of the gallery are downsizing their home and lives, and have artwork that no longer fits on their walls.

If the artwork is by an artist that we represent, we are often interested in selling the work for our collectors right here at Gallery MAR. But that is a rare fit, and even if a collector is able to find a gallery that wishes to re-sell their piece, the gallery will take a commission on the sale.

What’s a collector to do?

Insert a new website and auction group that we recently discovered: Lofty. We have yet to purchase anything from the site, but if you feel this might be a good fit for your own works, visit the site to explore more.

The piece above is one of many enticing works that we discovered with a quick browse of American Artists. Details on the piece are as follows:

Gail Rodgers (American, 20/21st century), $700

“Art”, silkscreen and acrylic on canvas. Signed by the artist (recto). Height 40 in. x Width 32 in. Condition: Appears to be in good condition. Provenance: From a private collection.

From Lofty:

Lofty is an expert-reviewed, online marketplace for valuable fine art, antiques and collectibles. Each Lofty item is reviewed and valued by Lofty’s carefully selected network of experts, which includes qualified appraisers, current and former auction house specialists, reputable dealers, and other art world professionals with decades of experience evaluating items in their specialties. We believe buying art and antiques should come with complete peace of mind, and stand behind this commitment with a 5-year Authenticity Guarantee and a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee within seven days of delivery. Building sustainable, trusting relationships with clients is Lofty’s top priority.

A few other sites to explore on this topic are as follows..

2014 Award Winning Artist: Carol Alleman

We just received wonderful news from Carol Alleman, bronze sculptor here at Gallery MAR. We have had the pleasure of working with Alleman for over 10 years, and her awards and accolades continue to build. Her Tree of Life series expands each year, with new editions to add to your collection.

Carol Alleman sculpture installation, Utah

Carol Alleman sculpture installation, Utah

The visual arts and informal writing have been life companions for Carol Alleman. Upon locating to Tucson, Arizona in 1994, she discovered clay while exploring the mysterious desert landscape. Immediately she began digging her own clay and experimenting with slab, coil, and a variety of hand building techniques. Since then she has continued to explore the infinite dimensions of clay, water-based and oil, considering herself largely “self-taught.”

In late 2001, Alleman expanded her work into the bronze market choosing her vessel forms as her entry work. Today she continues to develop the bronze cast “Tree of Life” and “Nature Series” of mystical, organic vessels. Both series reflect a visual and narrative imagery of her personal intimacy with the powerful energy, spirit, and symbolism of trees and nature. Companion writings accompany her work.

The following information is a summary; many exhibits are quite limited in only accepting pieces newly released in the past two years.

2014 Alleman Awards

Seeds of Harmony

Seeds of Harmony

Seeds of Harmony (above) won the Bronze Award in the 2014 Master and Signature American Women Artists Exhibit; it also won an Honorable Mention in the Four Points Bi-Annual Contemporary Exhibit. In 2013 it earned the First Place award in the Hilton Head Juried Exhibit. We are delighted Seeds of Harmony has received such strong recognition over the past two years!

Mighty Oak-p

Mighty Oak (above) earned an Honorable Mention in the Legacy Juried Exhibit.

Celestial Joy

Celestial Joy

Celestial Joy (above) and Illusion of Complexity (below) both earned Merit Awards in the Four Points Bi-Annual Exhibit in 2014.

Illusion of Complexity

Illusion of Complexity

Jylian Gustlin: A Tour of the Unknown

Imagine a well-educated, bright young woman who is a semester away from completing a degree in computer science and mathematics – and yet she decides to quit and pursue her passion: art.

“I knew that if I finished [the degree], I would never make art,” Jylian reminisces. Instead of graduating, she enrolled in the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and earned a Bachelors of Fine Art. After graduation, she took a position at Apple as a graphics programmer – combining her understanding of computers and her passion for art. It was during this time that she began to seriously commit to her artistic practice by experimenting in layering paints and shapes. The effect of the final result is something like a computer program itself – layers and layers of code upon a blank space. The summoning of color and life where there was none.

Since her success, Jylian has been collected by numerous private collectors around the Bay Area as well as the world. The incorporation of mathematical theories – like the Fibonacci sequence – has inspired a series of paintings unlike what the art world usually sees. It is this element of mathematics that guides the viewer into another world – a compilation of sense and rationality with chaos. Much like life itself.

Just in time for the festivities of Sundance, and to brighten the post-slump of the holiday season, arrives a new line of figures by Jylian. Take a look below, and stop in the gallery to experience them for yourself.


Caelum 74


Caelum 39


Fibonacci 277


Fibonacci 246

And… Action! Park City awaits Amy Ringholz Show

Here at Gallery MAR, we are getting our lights and cameras ready for the onslaught of Sundance visitors to the gallery. Each year, Park City is packed with film-goers and star-seekers. During this intense week (which begins January 22nd), we bring a new show that matches the energy of this film festival extravaganza: for Amy Ringholz.

Amy Ringholz

The show title is “Resolution,” and we believe that Ms. Ringholz will be asking our guest to think about what we want… dream… desire in the new year! What resolutions will you make?

Amy Ringholz

As we look forward, we should also look back to recognize the accomplishments of this exceptional artist. Ms. Ringholz was the featured artist at the Fall Arts Fest in Jackson Hole, just a few years back. It’s an incredible honor that the Jackson Hole Chamber bestows upon one Jackson Hole-based artist each year. Ringholz was the first female to be chosen in over a decade, and, at 34, was also the youngest artist ever selected. There was not a dry eye in the auction tent when Amy Ringholz gave her Thank You speech mentioning her family and friends, and including each and every one of us who love (and for some of us “live”) her work.

We also have a beautiful video, which shows Ms. Ringholz’s engaging process, on our blog here: that is a treat to view. I hope that you will take a moment to enjoy the clip, as you fasten your seatbelts for all things Sundance!

Capturing the West with Maura Allen

New paintings are gracing our walls, courtesy of Maura Allen, out of Colorado. We have had the pleasure of representing Ms. Allen’s work for many years. A selection of her latest work is below, and we are looking forward to a new show of her serigraph on board work, come the beginning of February.

Maura Allen, 8MM Blue Denim

Maura Allen, 8MM Blue Denim

Ms. Allen had the great honor of a cover feature in Southwest Art Magazine this fall. Please stop by the gallery to view the article in person.


Maura Allen, Up Before the Rest

Maura Allen, Up Before the Rest