Mountain Living Magazine Feature — Bridgette Meinhold

"Winters Hush" Featured on Bridgette Meinhold

“Winters Hush” Feature on Bridgette Meinhold

Thank you to Mountain Living Magazine, who selected Bridgette Meinhold for their “ML Gallery” final page of the magazine.

Bridgette Meinhold - Beyond the Veil

Best Known For: Dream like encaustic landscape images of mountains and forests.

Mountain Moods: “Without the mountains, my work would not exist,” Meinhold says. “I believe that art and creativity provide a portal into nature and a way to heal our souls. Experiencing the outdoors is the only thing that makes me feel like a while person, and I want to help others find that peace.”

Bridgette Meinhold - Life Awaits

Mountain Living Magazine previously posted artwork installation advice, from gallery owner Maren Mullin.

Studio Chat with Maura Allen in Denver

Let me preface this with: Very few artists are as fortunate as she.

Maura Allen, in her Denver studio

Maura Allen‘s studio is ideal in many respects, with abundant overhead lighting and space for days. She is organized. The location is near a coffee shop and other high-end stores, and a bike ride from her home. Found on a Craigslist ad, she locked it down with a deposit, sight-unseen.

Inspiration and color combinations

Inspiration and color combinations


She has just enough space necessary to create her many different processes, including a dark room, all inside a rather stark-looking garage duet. Overall, the aesthetic of the studio matches Allen: put together and orderly (she has to be with her meticulous, multi-layered silkscreen arrangements) but also — FUN!

Maura AllenMaura Allen

It was a treat to see her art pieces, several in-process, as well as finished experiments, a multitude of color options, titles and notes written around, and inspiration walls. Learning and seeing Maura Allen‘s process first hand is something I have been looking forward to since we brought in her work, back in 2009.

Maura Allen

Now, Maura Allen has graced the cover of Southwest Art Magazine, has won numerous awards at Cowgirl Up and has several museum shows under her belt. A very accomplished artist, and yet, all the while she stays humble, happy, and humorous (Allen tells a wonderful story teller, not only in her artwork but in her voice).


We always look forward to receiving new artwork from Maura Allen, and are proud to be a part of her continued success. Our collectors have loved her work from Day One, and we will keep listening, watching, and collecting as she continues to tell her stories.

Maura Allen’s Corps of Discovery: On the Road with Lewis and Clark

We are thrilled to have received these new works by Colorado artist Maura Allen. These new paintings are from her body of work that follows the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition. For Ms. Allen, “[the expedition is] a reminder of discovery and possibility, perseverance and courage, exploration and thoughtful observation. It’s an homage to what defines the West, then and now.”Maura Allen - Montana Great Horned Owl

Corps of Discovery

“My introduction to Lewis & Clark was likely similar to millions of Americans: 4th grade history class. Decades later, after spending time in Montana within miles of the historic route, the explorers’ adventure through the West unfolded all over again.Maura Allen - American Icon

Part of the connection, of course, comes from that fact that we can follow the explorers on their trail, mile by mile. It’s an American odyssey defined by adventure, bravery and survival, something novelist Henry James dubbed “the visit-able past.” 

As an artist living and working in the West, re-imagining what Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery saw and experienced in the early 1800s is an endless source of inspiration—a unique chance to re-examine the relationship between land, animals and people in a place I call home.” – Maura Allen, 2014

“Bountiful World” Preview from Joe Norman

Joe Norman has some wonderful new updates for us this week, as well as three new sculptures for the gallery… one of which was sold within hours of delivery. We are slowly bringing in new work from his Colorado-based artist, for his November show with Bridgette Meinhold: “Bountiful World.”

“Ever since I spent time in the Great Basin of Nevada I gained an appreciation for the work of Michael Heizer, especially Perforated Object in Reno.  My series of Perforated Basins began my own exploration of linking the manufactured past to the present, in my case using the manufacturing remnants from ice climbing equipment fabrication.

As I was working, it led me to a somewhat academic question:  what makes a ‘surface’?  For example, how many holes can you put into it and still feel like there is a surface there?  How much can you bend it and still call it a ‘suface’?  Do the planes of a basin have to even meet for it to be interpreted as a enclosed object?  Since most of my work is made of surfaces, it seemed like a useful question to figure out what ‘surfaces’ even are.  And, it is a nice mental break from obsessing about the political and human rights issues that much of my other work involves.  Below are the latest iterations that I call Perforated Sail I & II, currently on display at Gallery MAR in Park City, UT.”

Joe Norman, Perforated Sail I

Joe Norman, Perforated Sail I

Norman is honored to be a part of an upcoming show, called the Loveland Studio Tour. This runs over the weekend of Octpber 10-11, and he will have work displayed in various stages of completion. If you are in the area, it will be an opportunity to hear him speak about his process, as well as see first hand all all of the time and processing that goes into creating his sculpture work.  Details on the event, and a map of participating studios can be found here:

Another exciting (maybe even heart-pounding!) show that Norman will “compete” in, is th Sculpture Games (think Iron Chef but with sculpture) from October 3-5. This competition will be a part of the NoCo Mini Maker Faire, and more information can be found here:

Joe Norman - The Architect

Joe Norman – The Architect

And describing a new series (exhibited above) Norman writes… David Young is a fantastic artist here in Loveland who has done extensive work using spheres, what he terms ‘approximations of the unknown’.  In other words, we use spheres as  a way to help represent things we don’t fully know understand; think about models of tiny molecules and far away planets in science textbooks, all represented by spheres.  This phrase has stuck with me and I’ve started creating some work using smaller steel balls as a building block to explore ideas and people in my life I don’t understand but ‘approximate’ with the spheres.


An Extraordinary Heart – Juniper’s Cata Dog

One of our artists, Mary Scrimgeour, was recently commissioned to paint a very special piece for a family that has been through seven months of excruciating challenges, as their infant daughter awaited a heart transplant. It is impossible to imagine what this family has been through. I will allow the artist, in her own words, to tell you more…

"Cata" commission for Juniper's family, by Mary Scrimgeour

“Cata” commission for Juniper’s family, by Mary Scrimgeour

One of the highlights of my art career has been to be a part of the collection of art at Children’s Hospital in Denver. They currently have 24 of my paintings hanging. Recently I was contacted by the grandfather of Juniper, a seven month old baby who has been waiting for a new heart for six months and has been at the hospital for that whole time.


Her grandfather commissioned me to paint a portrait of Cata, their beloved dog, thinking it might cheer them along. So I did. And then Joni, Juniper’s mother, contacted me and shared with me that my art at the hospital played a big part in their everyday life.

Beautiful, Strong Juniper after her heart transplant surgery

Beautiful, Strong Juniper after her successful heart transplant surgery, 9/17/14


On their small walks up and down the corridors they would see my paintings and talk about the them and that my images made them feel happy and uplifted. I am so grateful that I have been given this gift so that I can, in return, gift it back. Today [9/17/14] Juniper received her new heart!! And here is the painting of Cata who sadly passed away during the process of painting her…but now they have the painting that I did which bought joy to them and it was all brought about by a loving grandfather!!! You can follow Junipers story here.

Juniper at Seven Months, with her Berlin Heart machine

Juniper at Seven Months, with her Berlin Heart machine