Collecting Art – The Thrill of the Hunt

"A Remembrance" by Matt Flint, 2014

“A Remembrance” by Matt Flint, 2014

By Jennifer Hughston, Sales Manager

“There’s nothing like the discovery, the chase and the capture,” said Raymond D. Nasher, a well known sculpture collector from Texas.

Buying art provides a rush, an adventure, a feeling of “being alive” and a chance to express individuality. As a fine art consultant at Gallery MAR, I see this daily: the collector who is so excited about the new work or the discovery of a fabulous new artist that they have not encountered before. It is a beautiful experience!

I have been reading a new book about the wonder of the chase, of acquiring artwork, and it gives me a new-found appreciation for the art buying process. Collectors each have their own story and their own perspective. I am fortunate to be there, each time a gallery guest connects with a painting or a sculpture, or even a new process such as encaustic.

Discovery – Sharing my passion and knowledge for the art, the technique and/or the artist is one of the best things about being in the art business…

Chase – The getting to know the client – we are so lucky to experience so many people from so many different areas of the country, and of the world!

Capture – The bargaining. The sense of excitement I feel when the collector decides to make a piece of art their own.

Take a look at the book yourself, here.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Collecting Art for Love, Money and More

Arranged into ten topics that are approached through a key question and answer format, art advisors Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagner offer an accessible yet unrivalled insider’s view into the often opaque world of collecting art, drawing from their extensive experience in working with collectors and institutions of contemporary art. 

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More looks at why collecting art is a completely unique experience that offers emotional, intellectual and social rewards. The authors argue that the motivations for acquiring a work of art and building a collection, unlike buying anything else, may be any combination of investment potential, aesthetics, love of art, challenge, intellectual exploration, social status, adrenaline rush, ego-building or public attention. 


Surviving Your First Time: Art Appreciation


Jeff Koons "Balloon Dog" sculpture at Versailles

Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog” sculpture at Versailles

A recent article in Art in America touched home for me. It’s entitled “Feeling” and is written by Jeff Koons, arguably one of the most successful artists of our time.

Koons’ work will always remind me of college, of museum tours with an Intro to Art History class trying to make our way, and make sense, in the contemporary art world of Los Angeles. At LACMA, I saw Gerhard Richter. Anselm Kiefer. Jasper Johns. After a childhood of exploring historical art, it was truly my first experience with contemporary art. Out of my comfort zone,  and fraught.

In the “Feeling” article, Koons speaks to the idea of surviving your first time viewing art. And I think many people can empathize with this idea. I know I can. To see something new, to think and feel in a new way, is terrifying.

“I vividly remember surviving my first day of art school… We went to the Baltimore Museum of Art. I saw works by Cezanne and Braque, and I didn’t know who they were… I feel like I survived that moment. And I don’t think a lot of people do. They feel like they’re not prepared. Trying out for a sports team: if you’re not already at a certain level, you’re not going to make it. But art doesn’t work that way.
I always try to make a work that will help people survive that first moment. So that, when they come into contact with art, it will be about their own history, their own potential.”

It was the Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog,” shining in a room of gray, that I could understand. That had meaning for me, as an eighteen-year-old, new to LA. And although I have come to appreciate the genius of Keifer, I will always thank Koons for making the transition to transcendence… easy.


Celebrating Independence Day!

Thank you to our collectors and friends who joined us at Gallery MAR this weekend, for our July 4th private party and celebration! We appreciate Lange Group Real Estate for co-sponsoring the event.

Congratulation to Gallery MAR Winners!

This month, Gallery MAR held two separate opportunity drawings for a chance to win fine artwork. June has turned out to be very lucky for all of us here at the gallery, connecting more than 50 works of art with grateful owners. Thank you to everyone who visited the gallery to participate in our drawings!

Carol Alleman - Nature's Bounty

In cooperation with Carol Alleman, we were able to raise funds for both the Swaner Eco Center as we as the National The Pollinator Partnership. Each donation gave the donor a chance to own a beautiful sculpture, called “Natures’ Bounty.” The lucky winner is Anna Marie Rice of Colorado!

While all of Carol Alleman’s work celebrates nature and its inspiring voice of wisdom, Nature’s Bounty was created by Ms. Alleman solely to celebrate the honeybee (and other pollinators) while hoping to bring awareness, education, and action to save our gravely diminishing populations of them. One tiny honeybee is sculpted into a field of white clover on the four inch tall bronze sculpture. The textured base of the vessel was sculpted using honeybee comb from a hive of bees still being tended today by the artist’s brother on the small farm in PA where she was born and raised. Her brother has continued the long history, begun by her paternal grandfather, of tending several hives of bees and extracting the rich, sweet honey.

Matt Mullin Park City

Our second drawing was for a gallery gift certificate, in partnership with Lange Group Real Estate. At a recent open house, Realtor Matt Mullin took entries to win a certificate to select something from the gallery. We are pleased to announce that Trish Clark is the winner!

Artist Visits to Gallery MAR – Shawna Moore, Carol Alleman & Joe Norman

We have been quite fortunate this week to see several of our artists travel from afar to visit the gallery and bring new artwork to us. The opportunity to speak in person with our selected artists is incredibly helpful in teaching all of us here at the gallery more about the individual artist. There is nothing like hearing an artist speak about their work — and both Carol Alleman and Shawna Moore speak so eloquently about their art.

Legend Installation

On her way to teaching a workshop in Colorado, Shawna Moore bestowed the gift of “Legend,” 40″ x 40″ in encaustic, upon us. The new painting’s rust and earth tones are a perfect match for a new sculpture by Joe Norman, “Flight,” (above) inspired by his daughter’s sign language for the word.



Carol Alleman, our world-renowned bronze artist, was in Utah to oversee her foundry’s artistry. Quality control and particular inspection of all of her pieces is an integral part of Carol Alleman’s process. Each sculpture is painstakingly cast through a series of molds, and each artist who works on MS. Alleman’s sculptures must have a high level of excellency in order to work with these bronze vessels.

Group with Jane

As you can see from the photo above, the whole Gallery MAR family very much enjoyed the visit from both artists.


Although I was unable to get a photo of Joe Norman here at the gallery, we were able to bring in four new works from this new-to-Colorado artist. Three pieces in his “Perforated Basin” series, as well as the new “Flight” sculpture (shown above with Shawna Moore’s new “Legend”) are making a new home at Gallery MAR.